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Water Heater Repair Collingswood

A leaking water heater is always an unexpected, unwanted event and we operate quickly and efficiently to replace the customers water heater with the latest gas or electric models. Water heaters have evolved throughout the years beginning with a Standard Gas Water Heater, Power Vented Gas Water Heater and the Tankless Water Heater. Our mechanics are able to answer the customers questions and recommend the best option for their home. Being proactive in water heater replacement can prevent damage to your home and offer peace of mind. The general rule of thumb for a tanked water heater is they should be replaced every 10 years, especially if it is installed in a finished living area.

All water heaters installed by Wittmaier qualify homeowners for a $75 rebate! The rebate is paid from our Mechanical Contractors Association and is not built into the price like other rebate offers! All rebate paperwork will be handled and sent in by Wittmaier upon payment of invoice.

*Power vented gas and tank-less water heaters may also qualify for additional rebates*

Water Heater Repair Oaklyn NJ

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