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Water, Sewer, and Gas Pipe Installation

Have a new home that needs new gas or water lines installed or an older home that needs the current ones repaired? We can also close off or move lines you no longer need or need extended to move a new appliance.

Sewer Repair and Installation

Depending on where you live and what municipality rules you have in place you may be responsible for the sewer line from your home to the municipal hookup. If you are doing renovations or expansion and need the sewer line moved we can do the installation or repair a broken sewer line.

Gas Pipe Repair and Installation

Are you moving into a new home and would like your oven moved to a different area, you will need your gas line extended to the new area or a new one run and the old one closed. You may need one if you are switching from an electric water heater to a gas water heater as well.

Water Line Repair and Installation

Are you getting a dish washer for the first time? You will need to have a water line installed to supply the appliance with water. If you are getting a remodel of your kitchen and would like your sink to be in a new area, you will also need to move the water line.

If you are planning some changes to your home, give us a call to discuss options.

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