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Water Heater Repair


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There are a few reasons why your water heater isn’t working properly. It could be a simple repair like tightening something loose or a flush of the system, however it could be a more serious issue and If you are not comfortable in repairing the serious issue, you should contact a professional in case something goes wrong. You also may want to check with your insurance agent to see if you are covered as even attempting repairs yourself could lead to a claim denial.

Note: Before attempting repairs yourself – Do you know where your main water valve shutoff is and is it in working order?

Reasons for your water heater issues:

Leaks from loose connections:

A common cause of leaks is a loose drain valve. With the loose connection it could lead to water escape and slowly drip. Check the connection and see if it is either wet or the area just below has water damage or a pool of water. Use a wrench to tighten the valve connection, however, do not over tighten it.

Leaks from Too Much Pressure:

If the pressure gets too high, the water will escape wherever it can such as valves, gauge connections, or bursting pipes or the tank. This could be due to your temperature set to high, a bad pressure valve, a malfunctioning thermostat, or the pressure from the outside is too much for your system to handle.


Heat in the air meeting cold surfaces causes condensation. You might not have a leak but rather a large amount of condensation forming and dripping onto the ground.

Tank Damage:

Hot water tanks should be flushed from time to time to clean the tank of erosion from sediment. Over time sediment may damage the inside of the tank and cause a tear or weaken areas which could lead to pressure to burst the tank.

Let us repair your water heater

Water heaters have evolved throughout the years beginning with a Standard Gas Water Heater, Power Vented Gas Water Heater and the Tankless Water Heater. Our mechanics are able to answer the customers questions and recommend the best option for their home. Being proactive in water heater replacement can prevent damage to your home and offer peace of mind. The general rule of thumb for a tanked water heater is they should be replaced every 10 years, especially if it is installed in a finished living area.

Water Heater Installation

We will install your new water heater, wherever you need it. We have experience installing water heaters in difficult to access areas. We also will remove the existing one and take it away before installing the new one. Give us a call to discuss your difficult to access water heater and we will provide solutions from our trained and experienced water heater installers.

All water heaters installed by Wittmaier qualify homeowners for a $75 rebate! The rebate is paid from our Mechanical Contractors Association and is not built into the price like other rebate offers! All rebate paperwork will be handled and sent in by Wittmaier upon payment of invoice.

*Power vented gas and tank-less water heaters may also qualify for additional rebates*

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