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Water Heater Flush Service

A water heater is an important appliance in your home. It provides hot water for showering, cleaning, and various other uses. Regular maintenance is important to keep the tank clean and prevent damage to the plumbing.

What is a Water Heating Flush?

Water heater flushing is the action of clearing it out by draining or flushing out the current water and clearing the sediment, minerals, and debris. Having a professional flush the water heater it out means it will be done properly.

Why Should I flush my water heater?

Water heaters should be cleared out from time to time to clear the debris and sediment that rest in the tank. This debris and sediment can run through your plumbing and cause damage which could lead to a burst pipe or degrade the heating efficiency. The recommended amount of flushings is 1-2 a year, depending on the age or condition of the pipes or the water source and how much sediment is running through your plumbing.

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