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Water Filtration Installation

Does your water have a funny taste or does the water from your shower leave soap scum? Water impurities can make showering feeling ineffective and leave your hair not feeling clean. Impurities can affect more than just the condition of your water; they can contain higher than safe levels of chemicals.  You can add a water filtration system to your home or business to filter the water impurities. Call Wittmaier Plumbing to install a filtration system or with solutions to purify your water and get the conditions of your water to optimum levels.

Do I need a water filtration system?

It depends on the conditions of your water and if there are mineral deposits in your plumbing. Sometimes these deposits can clog your plumbing or affect your water’s pH levels or make it unsafe to drink. While most municipalities or water companies treat their water to safe levels, there may be issues with the lines in your home or the lines bringing the water from the water company to your home. You may be a business and need the water to be pure if you are using the water to create a product from it, or need the water to always be conditioned properly and a water filtration system can help ensure the proper conditions.

Minerals in the plumbing can create a few issues in your home. Besides potentially causing clogs, minerals in your water can create a condition called “Hard Water” which is when there are dissolved minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium, which can affect cleaning with soap and detergents making cleaning more difficult or take longer which can affect your water bills. These minerals can also damage your plumbing or equipment like broilers or cooling towers.

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