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Toilet Repairs and Installation

A toilet in need of repair might not be obvious and could be costing you money or hide hidden dangers. A constantly running toilet can result in higher water bills. A small leak can result in water damage which could be an expensive repair.

Do you offer replacements?

Yes give us a call and we can replace your toilet. You can replace it due to a broken or cracked toilet or upgrade to a toilet utilizing new technology which will be more comfortable, use less water per flush, or are easier to clean.

What causes leaks?

There is a wax seal that goes between the toilet and the opening in your floor that ensures water doesn’t escape with each flush, sometimes these break down or fail and need to be replaced. A sign of a failed seal is odor as well as water on the floor after flushing. There is a chance the water on the floor is due to a small crack inside your toilet that is leaking the water onto the floor. These can happen if you try to unclog the toilet improperly.

Why does my toilet constantly run?

When you flush the toilet, the handle opens a flapper and allows water down and then closes again sealing the opening. Water then fills the tank until a float mechanism tells the water to stop running. If the flapper didn’t seal properly, water will continue to drain slowly and the float mechanism will trigger the water to fill the tank again.

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