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Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged drains are not only a nuisance, they can damage your pipes and cause them to burst. Frequently clogged drains are a sign of a larger issue down the pipes. There are many causes of drainage issues and we have the tools, equipment and knowledge
to take care of them.Drains should be cleared using proper equipment to extend the life of your home drainage system and not cause damage. Drain cleaning products can be a danger to your health and can shorten the life of your drainage piping.

Whether we’re repairing or replacing parts, or an entire drain system for your home, we always take pride in our work, our equipment, and most of all our team.

Drain Clogs

Kitchen sinks and garbage disposals usually get clogged from grease or food debris such as potato peels. The cooled grease and food debris can stick to the sides of the plumbing and restrict water flow or even stop it altogether. While sometimes these clogs can be broken up by pouring hot water and dish detergent down the drain, sometimes it requires a plumber with specialized equipment to remove the clog and not damage your plumbing in the process.

There are harsh chemicals on the market for removing clogs and while it’s ok for some pipes, some pipes can be damaged from these chemicals. Calling a professional in to remove the clog and inspect your plumbing system to check if you could use certain chemicals could be a cheaper alternative to fixing the damage the harsh chemicals can cause for a system unable to handle them.

Preventing Clogs

Learning what can cause clogs and throwing them away rather than down the drain is a good defense in preventing clogs. Cooking grease and other fats and oils such as meat fat can bind to other materials and get stuck to the sides of the pipes. Eggshells have a membrane on the side of them that can bind to things and get stuck in the same way fats can. Coffee grounds are another common thing that gets poured down the drain and causes clogs. Food debris such as potato peels and other starchy foods can clog the drain and garbage disposals and should be thrown away rather than down the drain.

Snakes and other tools

Some of the professional tools plumbers use can be rented such as plumbing snakes and augers. Professionals have been trained in the use of these tools and have years of experience in handling them. These tools risks damaging your pipes either by causing an immediate burst or tear, however they can also cause minor damage by cutting into the pipes which can fully tear or burst later and cause water damage. A professional plumber can use a video inspection tool on the plumbing to check the clog to see if a snake or auger is the best tool for the job and can check for damaged sections of the pipes to see if there is risk of bursting.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

If the drain you need cleaned is your sewage system, we can do that as well. We can use our inspection tools to locate the blockage or conditions of your sewage system even those that are far underground and away from your home. A broken sewage line due to a bad clog can be not only a mess, but a biohazard to your health. Let us evaluate the situation and provide solutions.

Flushable Wipes and other Sanitary Products aren’t always flushable.

Even though the products may say they are flushable, not all homes plumbing systems are able to handle them and they frequently cause clogs deep down the pipes. Having a professional perform a video inspection of your plumbing system can tell you more about your pipes and what you can and shouldn’t flush down your toilet or pour down the drain.

Drain Cleaning Services

  • Clogged kitchen/bathroom drains
  • Video Drain inspections
  • Clogged toilets
  • Sewer line clogs
  • Water line clogs and repairs
  • Garbage disposals
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