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Wittmaier History

Who We Are

Wittmaier was founded in 1919 by Harry C. Wittmaier as a plumbing and heating service company. Since then, Wittmaier has been passed to only 3 special owners that continued to strive to treat customers with the respect and the service that they deserve. Andrew Schmidt is the Owner of Wittmaier Plumbing, and he works closely with his father and former owner, Joseph P. Schmidt, Sr. Andrew began working for his father during the 1990's and has never worked anywhere else. Joseph had Andrew begin working in the field to gain his necessary field experience until Andrew's college years when he was removed from the field and placed in the office to learn the business side of the company. Andrew continued to work for his father and in 2008 became the owner of the company.
Wittmaier Plumbing is all Andrew has ever known and is the sole reason why he holds the company and it's customers so close to his heart!

Wittmaier Plumbing Team

Giving Back

Wittmaier Plumbing truly practices giving back to the community that has been so good to them for almost 100 years. Wittmaier runs a Plumbers in Pink Campaign during the month of October and donates money from each invoice to a local family struggling due to a family members fight with breast cancer.

For more information on all of our Community Service work, please visit our Community page.
We are so proud to be a part of Collingswood, NJ and there has been nothing better for us than to see others benefit from our team's involvement.

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New Jersey State Master Plumbers  License #6204 Joseph P. Schmidt, Sr.

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